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Video Transcription

[Jackie Cushman]
Learn and Earn is very interesting, this is what happens when you have an idea by Newt Gingrich, my dad that was picked up and funded by Charlie Loudermilk, the CEO of Aaron Rents, championed by Robb Pitts Fulton County Commissioner, trialed by Fulton County school system and the Learning Makes a Difference Foundation who tries things that other people won’t. When you put that all together you have an innovative program called learn and earn.

[Heather White]
When you walk into a classroom for the very first time, you see students sitting back in their chairs, books on their desk, not quit sure why they were there or what they were doing. Four weeks into the program, you have kids that are actively engaged and playing games with the foundation funded and bought for the classroom. You have teachers excited about getting them involved in their current mathematic skills and tests for that week and you have to think to yourself they are definitely there to learn and it is not just because of the paycheck.

[Robb Pitts]
And the final analysis it’s the kids, the enthusiasm that they showed today simply is more proof to me and to the naysayers out there that we achieved both objectives. Number one, stimulating that interest in math and science and number two, improving their performance.

[Charlie Loudermilk]
If they can turn kids onto learning, to like reading, and to like studying it is worth it all. It could be a culture changing thing in the schools. If you could add just one grade to the math and science, just one letter grade from a D to a C, or a C to a B, look what you have done.

Well when I first started the program, I was kind of shaky in Math and Science, and now ever since I started my grades have raised a lot. Like when I was in math I had a 73 now it is to a 93, and I am proud of myself because I tried hard to do it.

Now that I have gone to the Learn and Earn program, it has helped me raise my grade level and now I think I can pass anything anytime.

[David Mackie]
These are our children and I think it is important that we invest in them early with time and money, and with effort with a heart-felt nature, that we believe in them. It helps them to succeed.

[Dyevyeel Cunningham]
The best thing about the Learn and Earn program is the foundation itself, the teachers, and most of all my students.

[Robb Pitts]
And this is the kind of program that is clearly needed in this country. It is innovative, its new, it is clearly successful, and we are prepared to move into phase two.

[Charlie Loudermilk]
If we can take just one kid and change a life, it is worth what I am paying.