Findings from the Evaluation of Learn and Earn:

A Math & Science Tutorial Program with Monetary Incentives



In January 2008, the Learning Makes a Difference Foundation (LMDF) launched “Learn and Earn,” a pilot program aimed at increasing achievement and interest in math and science by providing students with tutoring and by rewarding them with money for participation and achievement. The program was provided to low-achieving students at two Fulton County schools – Bear Creek Middle School and Creekside High School – both located in Fairburn, Ga., outside Atlanta. Students were paid $8/hr and could also earn a bonus cash award at the end of the program for passing standardized tests and earning a B or better in math and science.

The Learn and Earn program targeted 8th graders at Bear Creek and 11th graders at Creekside. Twenty students were selected from each school by principals on the basis of low math and science achievement and good attendance and behavior. Tutoring was provided by a teacher (also selected by the principal) for each subject. Tutoring was provided in two-hour sessions, two sessions per week (one for each subject) for 14 weeks, during the 2008 Spring semester. On each day of tutoring, half of the students received math and the other half science, so that the class size for tutoring was no more than 10 students per teacher.

LMDF contracted with EMSTAR Research, Inc. to conduct an independent evaluation of the Learn and Earn (L&E) program. Click here to download this evaluation (PDF).